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Bostonians Ariana Lee and Palace Shaw host this fresh incisive podcast about art institutions from the perspective of people of color.

Of the many Soundcloud files recorded for The Whitest Cube, this links to “Reporting on the Arts: Community Conversation,” the moderated panel discussion held in November 2018 at the PRX Podcast Garage in the Allston neighborhood of Boston. Their panelists were 5 incredible women working in the arts: Kara Elliot-Ortega , Chief of Arts and Culture for the City of Boston | Maria Garcia, Senior Editor for the ARTery at WBUR | Catherine T. Morris, Founder of BAMS Fest | Althea Bennet + Amber Torres, Hosts of the Hoodgrown Aesthetic Podcast.

This is an invaluable, frank and open dialogue about the legacy challenges and clear-eyed resilience of those working to rebalance arts funding, programming, reporting, and civic policy from their intersectional perspectives. Very enlightening 90 minutes to listen, learn, like and follow up!

NOW+THERE launches its second year of the Public Art Accelerator to connect more artists with public audiences in Boston

Very excited this continues from pilot phase to year 2 with great leadership, participants, funding, and impact. Can’t wait to see the 2019 public projects by these artists: David Buckley Borden, Pat Falco, Samantha Fields, Dell Hamilton, Cat Mazza, and Daniela Rivera.

Now + There’s Public Art Accelerator strengthens the careers of Boston’s artists and our communities through neighborhood-centric public art production. Artists are nominated through a nomination process and juried by experts in the field. Now in its second year, the Accelerator is generously funded by Joyce Linde.”

I love the model: cohort learning toward funded projects.